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QA Team for Sahana-Haiti

Chamindra has organized a Quality Assurance team of volunteers to help with the testing of the Sahana-PY, the Python version of Sahana.  He’s posted a helpful overview of the bug-tracking process that pulls together all the information needed to get started. Here’s another view with a nice block diagram showing the flow of Sahana’s bug tracking process.

I’ve put together a summary page for students in our CPSC 110 class, who will participating in the testing activity as a class project.

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Sahana in Haiti

The Sahana community has been furiously active in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Their Haiti WIKI describes their activities and provides a summary of volunteer help that is needed. You can follow their activities online on the freenode #sahana IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel, which is accessible  through the web on

Sahana is deploying both a PHP/MySQL version of their system (the one which includes the VM module developed by students in the HFOSS project) and a newer Python version.  They have called for volunteers to help with all aspects of the project, from coding to testing to data entry.  Details on the data entry and bug tracking work can be found here.


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