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Immersive 3 Day HFOSS Faculty Workshop

The HFOSS Project hosted the first faculty training workshop at Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut on May 18th- 20th.  The immersive 3 day event was successful with 20 faculty participants representing 14 universities.

The workshop was free to attendees and provided a hands-on introduction to the FOSS development process, focusing on communication, development tools and practices and providing an introduction to several HFOSS development projects Topics covered included a varied selection from FOSS History and Culture, Integrated Development Environments, Project Management and Communication Tools and Practices, Code Management and Hands on development exercises followed by discussions on lessons learned and curricular issues.

The workshop was designed to give instructors firsthand experience in Open Source methodologies, best practices and issues that they could use in their own class rooms. The event was collegial, productive and educational for all involved.

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