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POSIT: UCOSP Winter 2012 begins!

Hello! My name is Yemi and I am a part of the POSIT team this year. Throughout this season, myself and the rest of the Winter 2012 team will be blogging our fun developments, fixes and ideas we come up with. By now, you are probably wondering who the rest of the team is so let me introduce them:

In this team: Andrew Matsusaka, Eric Enns, and myself (University of Manitoba), Elias Adum, Brittney Franzoi, and Rob McDiarmid (University of Toronto). The team is headed up by Ralph Morelli (POSIT mentor) and he is helped by Trishan de Lanerolle.

By the way, everyone on the team is a real stand-up guy (and girl :D ) and they really know their stuff!

This year, the POSIT team had its UCOSP code sprint in Vancover from Jan 20-Jan 22. We all stayed at the Holiday Inn and did the 40 minute trip from there to the University of British Columbia for the better part of that weekend. All code meetings were held at the UBC and it was quite an experience! We even had the right distribution of MAC to PC users (even :P )

To help coordinate our meetings and because Skype is so passe, Google Hangouts was our weapon this time. Don’t laugh:

HFOSS UCOSP Group google hangout

HFOSS UCOSP Group Google hangout

During the weekend, we set up our environments on both laptops and phones (POSIT is an Android app). I can tell you that I am very excited about the possibilities of POSIT. I downloaded (by mistake) the medical version of the POSIT app and its cool how many ingenious ideas can come from the basic concept of creating Finds and manipulating that information from a central location.

Throughout this season, the team will identify app issues (because knowing is half the battle) and fixing them (because fixing is half our evaluation marks :D ). But i can tell you this, we polled ourselves as a team this past weekend and everyone on the team joined the POSIT project because of the good it can do, and its cool factor, of course, so expect good things!

Well that’s it for now. A line in our POSIT site says: “If you want to improve POSIT, we love you”. The whole team is raring to go get on coding, fixing and blogging, so yea,

“We love you too POSIT”.

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