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POSIT: Tools to help our meetings

As the UCOSP term continues on our weekly meetings become more elaborate and sometimes being able to showcase how the app works is key. Since we use Google+ hangouts we are able to share our own computer’s screen or a window. We have used this feature to look at specific code in eclipse and to in the early meetings to demonstrate the POSIT project site. To showcase POSIT on our phones we have had to hold up our phones to our webcam which would be unsteady and sometimes blurry.

So I decided that I should find a solution to this. I armed myself with my Google search knowledge and searched away. These searches led me too and both apps which will copy and display the screen buffer through an adb connection on your computer in a window. Both had similar features with android screencast having the ability to accept certain inputs from the computer.

In our last weekly meeting I demoed these applications and expect to see them as a common utility used in our upcoming meetings.

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