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Login screen of the POSIT-Haiti app in Creole.

Login screen of the POSIT-Haiti app in Creole.

Trishan and I made another trip to Haiti last week to field test the latest version of POSIT-Haiti.

On Thursday I traveled overnight to Cotes de Fer for a distribution event on Friday.  Trishan remained back in the Jacmel office.  We field tested the bar-code feature.  There were 210 beneficiaries and the app was easily able to keep up with work flow.  We processed all 210 in about 90 minutes.  As soon as the event concluded, the SMS messages were  transmitted back to the Frontline server at the Jacmel office.  The distribution site at Cotes de Fer had a very strong signal — 4 bars.  Transmitting the 12 messages took less than 2 minutes and we received an acknowledgement from the server in around 15 minutes.  The field test confirmed — as had our many lab tests — that the barcode feature is working very well.  End-to-end, the POSIT-Haiti app is working extremely well.

On Saturday we met with the ACDI/VOCA team in Jacmel to discuss some additional audit scripts that we are working on to make it easier to determine that the app is working properly.  This may have been our last visit to Haiti for a while, as it looks like ACDI/VOCA may be winding down their food security program in Haiti.  Hopefully they or another NGO will be able to use the app — or a modified version of it — in another project.

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