Summer Student Presentations

Ted Nichols (Wesleyan ‘10) and Antonio Alcorn (UConn, ‘10) gave presentations on behalf of the HFOSS summer students at the final weekly session of the 2009 Trinity Summer Science Program.  Ted is shown here demonstrating the MouseTrap project.

The MouseTrap project is part of the GNOME Accessibility Project, an effort to develop open source user interfaces for people with various disabilities.  The MouseTrap project aims to assist users who are unable to use the computer mouse by allowing them to control the mouse by moving their heads.  MouseTrap tracks their movements by tracking a colored spot that, for example, could be affixed to the user’s forehead.  In this case you the computer is tracking the yellow color of a coffee-can lid.

Antonio gave a demo of the POSIT project, a crisis management search and identification tool for the open source Android (Google) phone.  The high point of his demo occurred when he showed how the phone’s bar code reader could be used to register a phone with a POSIT search mission.   The bar code reader can be used through the Android camera to scan a QR bar code projected on a computer or projection screen.

An audible gasp broke out in the audience when the POSIT server displayed a large green check mark on the screen to acknowledge that the phone had been successfully registered. (The above photo is of Antonio demonstrating the same feature at the final HFOSS presentations).

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