China Sahana/VM Deployment–Day 1

Starting last Saturday, May 17th, a Trinity Sahana team consisting of Trishan de Lanerolle, Antonio Alcorn, Ernel Wint, and Vinit Agrawal got called into action to help prepare the VM module for deployment in China.

We should have blogged this on Saturday, as it was happening, but here’s a recap of the story. The team was in D.C. for the IBM/Sahana traning and planning to visit the Air and Space Museum before heading back to Hartford when they got a call from Chamindra da Silva asking them to come over to his hotel to help internationalize the VM module. That was 8:30 AM. Antonio and Ravith worked together on modifying the VM template engine (Whiz) to get it to process text through Sahana’s localization functions. That took until 3:30 PM.

On the ride back to Hartford, Ernel and Vinit were searching VM codebase for strings that needed translation and marking them to be processed through the localization functions. The plan was to make it back to Hartford in time to upload the code to main branch and participate in a three-way conference call between the Sahana core team (in Colombo) and the IBM-China deployment team in Sichuan. Unfortunately, they ran into traffic.

So they stopped at McDonalds service area on Rte. 95 in Stanford to upload the files to Sri Lanka over a Wi-Fi connection. The conference call also had to be made from the road. The situation, as Trishan explained, is that deployment will be made through the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Sichuan province, assisted by the IBM-China team. The development plan is to have nightly calls at 11:00 PM EST (11:00 AM Sichuan time) to coordinate between the development and deployment teams.

The conference call ended at 12:24 PM and the team headed on its way to Hartford, getting home at 2:00 AM. Here’s the message we all received from Trishan at 3:47 AM about the development effort:

They estimate we would need to handle about 10’000 volunteers. These are rough estimates. IBM is currently doing testing and planning for a very quick pilot next week. Turn around on this is going to be short, is an understatement. IBM China will supply us with list of issues/problems they want addressed.

The first issue being the internationalization of the VM module to be translated into Chinese. The VM module did not support internationalization. (L10N). I am happy to report that following the initial call at 9:00 am this morning by 10:00pm we have an internationalized VM module, ready to be translated in to Chinese. We would like to ask for those who are familiar with Sahana or would like to help, let us know. We can coordinate and get the required customizations done quickly. Antonio Alcorn will be leading the development effort.

It looks like some late nights ahead for the VM development team.

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