China Sahana/VM Deployment–Day 6

Day 6 was pretty uneventful from our end, as we are still waiting to get access to IBM-China’s code repository. Giovanni completed the final changes to the paging function and four of us (Antonio, Giovanni, Trishan, and I) met in the AM to talk about and prioritize our current bug list. Only one of the bugs involves the paging code:

  • For paging, need to fix the navigation when a page is requested beyond the available pages. Right now, for example, if there are 5 pages and the 6th is requested by manipulating the URL, the last page is correctly displayed, but the navigation shows the wrong page.
  • Question: Wouldn’t this bug require modification to the Sahana paging library–since that is where the requested page is retrieved from the $_REQUEST parameters??
  • Response: It shouldn’t. The Sahana library and DAO::getCurrentPage() return the last page when a page out of the range of maximum pages is given. We just need to modify our navigation template to reflect that when it happens.

We had a 4:30 PM conference call with Gang Chen (IBM NYC) to discuss ongoing access and communication issues with the China development team. Gang reported that a development team had moved on site and was set up in a police headquarters in Chengdu. However, the situation in ChengDu is very chaotic and for a while the team had lost email and internet access to the resources they need.

Gang reported that the China team has been making changes to the code base (primarily localization and internationalization fixes) in parallel with our changes (primarily the paging functionality). We talked about concerns that these parallel efforts, on different code bases, would introduce conflicts when we attempted to merge the VM (volunteer management) module into a single code base.

Despite Gang’s best efforts, we still have not been able to get through the firewall that has been set up in China. We’ve been given a VPN (Virtual Public Network) username and password, but it doesn’t allow access to IBM-China’s SVN server. Gang has access to the repository through his IBM credentials.


We can certainly understand IBM’s security predicament. They can’t just give the Trinity team IBM credentials, which would give us access to the entire IBM network. On the other hand, they haven’t been able to figure out a way to give us access just to those resources that would help in this effort. This is an important issue and one that could get compounded as time goes on.

The good news is that apparently the code changes made by the China team have mostly (all?) been focused on other modules. This was relayed in a message to Gang Chen from Jane L, the head of the China development team:

At this moment all China DEV are all focus on 受灾人员管理模块,we are depending on you to help ensure the VM model in good status to deliver with 受灾人员管理模块.So far no new feature/function needs to modify VM model.

Jane put Gang in touch with the engineer who is in charge of the SVN repository.  So hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

We will package up our version of the VM module today (Saturday) and send it to Gang Chen who will commit it to the IBM SVN in China.

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