China Sahana/VM Deployment-Day 8

Gang Chen, our contact at IBM NYC just forwarded the following good news about the Sahana deployment:

Folks, the customized version of Sahana has been deployed to China government site. Cheers. Please register and test the site for the VM module.

It also looks like known VM bugs have been closed. Again, from Gang Chen:

Hi Team, China test team closed the open issue of allowing the same user to register multiple volunteers. So, we’ll drop that fix for now. In the mean while, all the identified bugs have been resolved/closed based on the current SPR system:


Given the overrun of past several weeks, China team gave everyone a break tomorrow:-). So, no work for tomorrow, enjoy the day. For urgent request, please reach myself and Trishan via cell phone.

Yay, a day off…unless more bugs show up!

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