HFOSS Summer Institute Gets Going

The 2008 Summer HFOSS Institute got started on Tuesday. We have 13 talented students from 5 different colleges (Trinity, Connecticut College, Wesleyan University, University of Connecticut and University of Hartford). We spent Tuesday and Wednesday getting to know each other a bit and introducing students to the five development projects we will tackle this summer:

  • The Sahana Volunteer Management (VM) module. We’ve working on the VM since summer 2006. This past year we spun off a standalone version, named VMOSS. This summer we will be working with Prof. Frank Fiedrich of GWU’s Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management, to incorporate a credentialing system into the VM. We’ll also be making changes to the VM’s (and possibly Sahana’s) access control system. We’re also hoping to work on a Wiki for Sahana with some Oregon State University computer science students that we met at the Sahana training workshop in D.C.
  • The OpenMRS system. OpenMRS is a Java-based open source medical record system that is being developed by Partners in Health and the Regenstrief Institute. It is currently being deployed in several African countries, including Rwanda and Kenya. We haven’t selected specific projects yet but here’s a list of possible projects.
  • The AppTrac project is a joint effort with the University of Hartford and Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford. The system will monitor usage of literacy software applications to better evaluate students’ learning needs and streamline LVGH’s report generation.
  • The InSTEDD machine learning project. Participate in the design and implementation of methods and system to help professional groups in early warning identification, characterization, and response to health events from non-standard (unstructured) data streams (e.g., news reports, alert networks, blogs ,articles).
  • The HFOSS POSIT project. POSIT stands for Portable Open Search and Identification Tool, a phone-based tool for search and rescue missions, scientific field work, and other applications built on the Google Android platform.

On Thursday and Friday of this orientation week, the whole group installed both OpenMRS and Sahana on their systems and used Eclipse to do their first develop exercises on each platform.

We have a great bunch of bright and energetic students. I’ll post a photo as soon as we get our HFOSS t-shirts.

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    I wish I was there…

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