China Sahana/VM Deployment Update

The Trinity Sahana team has been on “stand-by” since last Sunday, as the IBM-China development group has taken over the programming and development effort. Gang Chen reports that the Chengdu deployment is currently focused on Sahana’s Victim Registry and Camp Registry modules and that no further bug reports or feature requests have surfaced for the VM module. It is certainly easy to see that the victim and camp registries would be the top priorities at this stage in the recovery effort.

This blog post by the D.C. Chien, General Manager of IBM’s Greater China Group gives some idea of the incredible effort that’s being mounted by the IBM-China team:

I met Chengdu Sahana Project Team during the lunch time. They have been working around the clock at the Chengdu Emergency Command Center since last Friday. Within two days, together with the project team at China System Center in Beijing, they have finished the customization of Sahana software based on the center’s specific request, and the People Module of the solution is ready to be deployed and start to function very soon. I know the team leader of the Chengdu Sahana Project team had just lost his house in the earthquake, however, he is fully engaged in the project these days.

I am very pleased to share with you that the Chengdu Municipal Government has officially accepted our proposal of using Sahana System to enhance their efficiency of the relief work! When Sahana System being deployed, and will be very soon, we will help over 100,000 people in Chengdu City and its 20 administrated districts immediately.

The fact that the development team’s leader is carrying on despite losing his own house in the earthquake is a remarkable story.  The efforts of the whole IBM-China team are quite impressive, especially given the personal tragedies that some team members are enduring.   As Mr. Chien puts it, the spirit of the more than 30 members of the IBM-Chengu team “really encourages all of us to work harder and provide more help to the people in need.”

An offer of help in the Sahana development and deployment effort has also been received from Bill Xu, founder of ZEUUX, the free software society in China. ZEUUX. Bill’s offer came through Richard Stallman who is currently giving several speeches in China at the ZEUUX Free Software Summit 2008. Bill mentioned that his employer,, the largest Web portal in China and one of the top 20 web sites on the Internet, is interested in hosting Sahana and helping to support the development effort.

We passed along Bill’s offer to the Sahana core team. Getting ZEUUX and engaged in this effort would be a huge boost to the Sahana community. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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