POSIT: Project Launch Summary

Over the past few weeks the POSIT team has been developing our project ideas for the term. The small nature of our team allows for a lot of detailed feedback and guidance from our mentors during our weekly meetings. Their input has helped our project proposals reach their current level and put us on the road to achieving our goals for this semester. Here’s what we’re working on:


1. Ensure a consistent user interface between the phone and tablet. Below is the updated tablet design:

2.  Develop a generic synching library for all synching procedures so that new synchronization methods can be easily implemented in the future.

3. Enhance the map display to allow for the grouping of Finds by location. This will give users the ability to easily discover patterns of interest in their Finds.

4. Improve the Bluetooth communication of Finds to simplify information sharing between users.

5. Allow for the “scanning” of bar codes to read in Find information using the phone’s camera.

6. Toggle Plugins on/off, such as the SMS, Twitter, or Tracker Activity Plugins, so that testing is less intrusive to the rest of the application.

We’re enthusiastic and can’t wait to see the improvements take effect!

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