Dramatic Growth in FOSS Apps for Mobile

According to this story on Marketwire, there has been dramatic growth in FOSS applications for mobile devices. The story cites a study by Black Duck Software, a company that helps businesses develop software that contains FOSS components.  It spiders the web looking for FOSS applications and collects downloadable apps into a FOSS repository.

It found around 2300 FOSS applications for mobile devices. A summary of its results over the fold.

Platform          Total Project Releases     Project Releases in 2008
--------------    ------------------------   ------------------------
Palm                                 1,850                        113
iPhone                                 391                        266
Windows Mobile                         359                        174
Symbian                                322                         64
Android                                246                        191
Rim/Blackberry                         237                         96
Maemo                                   56                         17
LiMo                                    28                          6

Although Palm leads in total apps,  more apps were produced for Google’s Android platform in 2008.  That’s a good sign.  Indeed, given Android’s relatively late arrival compared to Rim/Blackberry and iPhone, it’s catching up quickly.  With 246 apps, it has surpassed Rim/Blackberry (237) but trails iPhone (291).   I’m guessing it’s going to jump in the lead by next year at this time

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