Camp Roberts RELIEF Exercise: Day 1

Trishan and I are writing this post from a trailer on McMillan Airbase in Camp Roberts near Paso Robles, CA.  Right now, we’re waiting for some of the necessary infrastructure to be set up before we can start working.  We are attending the RELIEF (Research and Experimentation for Local and International Emergency and First Response) 10-1 disaster exercise organized by the Naval Postgraduate School.

We arrived at the San Francisco airport yesterday and met up with Chamindra de Silva, Mark Prutsalis, and Gavin Treadgold of the Sahana Foundation.  After a 3 hour road trip, we finally made it to our hotel room, grabbed a bite to eat, and got a chance to relax a bit.

Expect more updates throughout the day and tomorrow.  We’re going to be working on the Volunteer Management module for Sahana and possibly interfacing POSIT ( running on Android devices with a Sahana server.

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