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On the road…

On 4th of July we were on the road traveling to various locations in rural Haiti.   Alex and Rachel headed out first to Cotes-de-Fer where they eventually met up with Abdul and Roseval.  There was no distribution event scheduled for Cotes-de-Fer, so they’ll be registering new health beneficiaries.


Acdi/Voca operates in the Southeastern Department (Sud Est)

Trishan, Tina, and Sheena headed to Grand Grosier where they met up with Peggy and Jiminor.  They had the longest drive.  They followed our car, with Emmet and me, to Belle Anse and then continued on for another two hours or so beyond that, maybe 6 or 7 total hours on the road.  They have a distribution event tomorrow and will also be registering beneficiaries.

Emmet and I met Fernel and  Dr. ____ in Belle Anse.  Tomorrow we’ll travel to Mabriole for a distribution event.  And on Wednesday we’ll travel to Baie d’Orange for another distribution event.  These are expected to be large events with several hundred beneficiaries at each site.

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